Hi! I help brands grow through data. I'm Barbara, nice to meet you!

I'm a growth and analytics consultant with 10+ years of experience. A lover of tech and user behaviour: I'm the glue that holds marketing, product and data together.

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"Barbara's data analysis uncovered key optimisation opportunities for our clients’ campaigns, which helped us deliver improved performance and better marketing strategies"
Josje van den Bos, Head of Addressable Media, Amplifi Global

"Barbara seamlessly connected the dots between our agency partners, and internal marketing and engineering stakeholders. Her technical and strategic background allowed her to play a vital role of advocating for the correct mar-tech/tracking solutions/ while providing constructive critique of media campaign objectives and management"
Faye Ehrich, Director of Digital Marketing, WeTransfer

"Barbara did an incredible job capturing our value proposition and translating it into a highly effective strategy. The campaigns she set up drove $300k+ in new business last year which, as a small agency, was game-changing for us"
Jack Beckith, Founder, The DataFace


Head of Growth / Growth Ops

  • Growth model, KPI setting
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Agency procurement support
  • Analytics implementation

  • Attribution, event tracking, tag management
  • Procurement/selection of marketing/analytics stack
  • Technical documentation
  • Dashboarding
  • Positioning and messaging

  • Qualitative (interviews, surveys) and quantitative (A/B tests, performance) messaging validation
  • Product-led growth & content strategies
  • Acquisition and performance marketing

  • Campaign strategy for Search, Programmatic and Social
  • Naming convention, taxonomy and tracking
  • Technical, programmatic and contextual SEO
  • Technical writing

  • Make data easy-to-understand for everyone
  • Case studies, documentation and whitepapers
  • Content marketing / op-eds on growth and data

  • Writing

    I write a newsletter on growth covering topics like "International launches will lose power. This is where new market expansion is moving to" and "No one's buying your product now: what should your growth team do?".

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    I also write content marketing on growth and data for agencies and B2B SaaS. Email me if you'd like to see examples.

    Side projects

    Curiosity is my proudest trait. I became a freelancer so I could have more time to work on side projects and explore different industries. Below, you can find some of the products I've built over the years.

  • Job Dispatch (active) • Job Dispatch helps candidates subscribe to email job alerts of their dream companies.

  • Recipeboard (discontinued) • Recipeboard allows food bloggers to earn revenue from their readers by selling meal plans.

  • Productfit (discontinued) • Productfit helps companies track/measure their product-market-fit by using the Superhuman/Sean Ellis framework.

  • Pets Considered (discontinued) • Marketplace that helps renters find properties that accept pets in London and Amsterdam.

  • Volunteer Teacher at ASKV • I give workshops for refugees without legal status on data analysis and analytics.

  • Mentorships • I've assisted startups on growth at organisations such as Pi Labs and King's Enterpreneurship Insitute.

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